Thomas Carberry and Monique Roche are excited to launch their new racehorse training business Carberry Roche Racing.

After many years learning from the best around the world, we feel the time to right to branch out and start our own training business.

We want to have a business where owners feel valued, respected, informed and most importantly engaged in their horse’s racing career. Horse racing is exciting and we would like to race with owners who are enthusiastic about their horses as what we are.

Our experiences and backgrounds are very different but it is our love of racing that we have in common.

Thomas was born in Ireland with racing in his blood and has worked for trainers such as Robbie Osborne (Ireland), Martin Pipe (England), Bruno Schutz (Germany) and Australia’s champion trainer Darren Weir. Thomas is a natural horseman and very hands on with all our horses from breaking in to riding track work. He is a stickler for detail and ensures our horses are well educated and trained.

Monique is a Chartered Accountant and has worked around the word for mining giant BHP in Finance, IT, Human Resources and Communication roles. Monique left the corporate world to follow her love of horse racing. She completed a Diploma of Equine Management at Marcus Oldham and then worked for Darren Weir as Client Services Manager.

Our property is ideally located just 500 metres from Ballarat Turf Club. Based on 10 hectares, we have plenty of space so each horse has their own 50 x 30 metre paddock attached to a 5.6 x 5.6 metre box. Being so close to Ballarat Racecourse’s fantastic  facilities we have many training options available to us.

If you are interested in horse ownership or looking for a trainer for your horse we would be delighted for you to join us!